• The census
    Let's contribute to its success.
    Each inhabitant counts
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  • What is this for?
    Carry out small and large projects concerning you
    Open a school, install a water point, build housing or develop means
    of transport ... The realization of these projects requires knowledge
    of the population in each administrative unit.
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  • How does it work?
    Through a digital enumeration
    An enumerator recruited by BUCREP comes to your home. It is up to the head of the household or his replacement to answer the questions put to him. For this exercise, the enumerator will use a smartphone. The data collected is protected by the confidentiality clause of the statistical law governing surveys and censuses.
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  • What is expected of me?
    A simple act useful to everyone!
    Warmly receive the enumerators and provide them with the exact data.
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  • Taking part in the census is a civic duty
    Get counted...

Overview of the Project

Established by Presidential Decree N ° 2015/397 of September 15, 2015 and entrusted to the Central Census Office mainly to update the statistical source which allows to have, exhaustively, detailed data up to the finest geographical level on the demographic, economic and socio-cultural characteristics of the population.

The Main Steps of the 4th Census

Preparatory stage Done

It allows you to prepare both technically (development & design of collection tools) and administrative (resource mobilization).

Census Cartography Done

It allows the national territory to be divided into counting units called Enumeration Area (EA).

Pilote Census Done

It aims to test the stages of the census as well as the different methodologies developed.

The Enumeration En attente

This is the "key" step. It allows population counting and the collection of information on individuals and households.

Post-Enumeration-Survey (PES) Up coming

It aims to assess the coverage of the count and the quality of certain key variables (gender and age in particular).

Exploitation & Analysis Up coming

They make it possible to prepare priority analysis tomes, regional monographs and other socio-demographic studies.

All about the census

Frequently Asked Questions about the Census

The main enumeration exercice is a nationwide acivity which consist in determinating the total population size, its geographical distribution as well as its socio-demographic and cultural characteristics, household production equipement and tools, as well natural and migratory movements.

The exercice shall take place within households throughout the national territory and at the same time.

The 4th General Population and Housing Census shall be digital, and data shall be collected in the field using smartphones.

The fourth Census shall takes four weeks. The first week shall be reserved for identifying the enumeration areas as well as the structures and households.

The persons to be enumerated shall be enumarated in their residence, that is where they live, whether they are present or temporarily absent. Whatever the case, the houshold head shall answer the question of the enumerators. The enumerator shall use his smartphone to carry ou this exercice.

The main enumeration exercice shall concern all physical persons living within the territory of the Republic of Cameroon.

The main enumeration exercice shall be carried out by enumerators identified by their khaki sleeveless jackets bearing the inscription « Main Enumeration Exercice » both on their jackets and badges.

Those not concerned by the exercice are members of diplomatic and consular corps as well as their family members.

Theys hall concern place and date of birth nationality ; place of residence ; level of education ; professional qualification and type of activity ; the official language and mother tongue read, written and spoken ; martial status ; number of children ; housing caracteristics ; etc.

Yes. All personal informations collected shall be proteced by the law and shall under no circumstances be disclosed. During the data-processing exercice, your name shall not remain in the databases. All persons involved in the process are bound by profession secrecy.